Why purchase the book?

1. It’s a chronological exposition, which will give You a clear vision of the whole Earthy life of our Lord Jesus Christ in order, from the time He was born, till He went to Heaven after the Cross and His Resurrection.

2. It’s a contextual blending of the four Gospels, without leaving one Scripture out, which will save You a considerable amount of time when studying the life of Jesus. Each story that is found in more than one Gospel is put into a full perspective.

3. It’s a convenient and practical tool, fully indexed and referenced, yet in a Novel, easy to read format. it also has a detailed Table of Contents, several Appendix sections, charts, tables and additional explanations.

4. It has a beautiful cover art, drawn by a professional artist, which will adorn Your bookshelf.

5. It’s a state of the art project, which will make You a proud, prestigious and satisfied owner. By Nordskog Publishing.

6. It’s at a very good price for a roughly 300 page practical study book, which will allow You to save money and own a unique material.

7. As of March 2014, more than 250 000 unique visitors have done a total of more than 1 million page visits of the former Life of Jesus web site and the present one. From these, around 80 000 unique visitors have visited the pages connected with the Four in One Gospel of Jesus.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or from the Publisher’s website.

You can also request it at Your local Barnes and Nobles store with the title (The Four in One Gospel of Jesus) or ISBN number (ISBN-10: 0990377474 or ISBN-13: 978-0990377474).

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