Media Appearances for The Four in One Gospel of Jesus:

1). Video Interview with Dr. Michael Brown on Ask Dr. Brown (Line of Fire) Broadcast HERE

2). Video Interview with the Bible News Radio (one hour conversation with Stacy and Randall Harp) HERE

3). Video Interview with Rev. Rabbi Eric Walker (roughly a 40 minute conversation on Igniting a Nation channel) HERE

4). Audio Interview with Dr. Jerry Newcombe (roughly a 15 minute talk for Vocal Point) HERE

5). Audio Interview with Valder Beebe (roughly a 15 minute contemplation for the Vader Beebe Show) HERE

6). Nikola has been featured in the Book Fun Magazine with an article, many photos and an Ad of the book. Link HERE

7). Nikola on Pamela S Thibodeaux blog HERE and HERE.

8). Audio Interview with Dr. David Anderson, known as the bridge-building voice in the Nation’s Capital. Anderson hosts the daily radio talk show “Real Talk with Dr. David Anderson” on WAVA (105.1 FM) – the most listened to Christian Talk Station on the East Coast and the 2nd most listened to Christian Talk Station in the nation, reaching hundreds of thousands in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Link to the Show HERE.

9). An AMAZING Audio Interview with Pastor Robert Thibodeau, whose program (Everything Church Related) along with his other programs on which the Interview aired is listened in over 100 countries. He is so accommodating and nice and this has been Real FUN. Interview link HERE.

10). An Audio Interview with Luanna Helena from Creatively Speaking Radio, which is designed with “creatives” in mind and features weekly 30 minute interviews with authors, writers, publishers, playwrights, screenwriters, artists, speakers, actors, filmmakers, healers, stylists, musicians, ministers, business owners, and just about anyone who creates anything (but chaos). Interview link HERE.

11). An Audio Interview with Mark Elfstrand from Let’s Talk Radio, which is a short, but very on point Interview. Interview link HERE.

12). Book Tour on about 15 websites, as follows:

Nothing but books

The Write Stuff Radio Show

Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

Carpe Diem

Authors and Readers Book Corner

Maureen’s Musings

Pandora’s box Gazette

Reviews by Crystal

Hope in Christ

Manic Readers

Living our faith outloud

Palace of twelve pillars

Lighthouse Academy

Into Another World

Everyday Mercy

The Pen & The Needle

Beach Bound Books

Everything Church Related

13). The book is part of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics Library. More about the Center HERE .

14). Text interview with Dr. Frank Viola, for his blog at

15). A recommendation by Bishop Tony Burton – the youngest appointed bishop of the world-wide Anglican community ever, HERE.

16). An Interview with Dr. Sean McDowell, son of the famous Josh McDowell, HERE and HERE.